Policy Review

When was the last time you had a life insurance review?  Your life insurance coverage should be reviewed every two years to ensure you are getting the greatest amount of coverage for the very best price.  Over that period prices can drop, better guarantees can become available, and of course our family and insurance needs often change.  Rely on the professionals at Horowitz Management Brokers to help find a suitable policy and rates to meet your current needs.

Leaving  A Legacy

Did you know you can leave a million dollars to your favorite charity for just a few hundred dollars a month?*  Even better, this money may be tax deductible.  Imagine the invaluable message leaving such a legacy will give your children and grandchildren after you’re gone. Horowitz Management Brokers can show you how simply and inexpensively this can be done.  Be a hero to your children, grandchildren and the people who work hard to help others.

Whole Life Insurance

Why does a whole life policy purchased more than five years ago needs an immediate review?  Lower interest rates, while great for mortgages, are horrible for your whole life insurance policy.  Your policy may end when you’re in your 70s or 80s even though you’ve paid the premiums for years.  Policies like this can become the quiet killer of your estate plan.  At Horowitz Management Brokers, this is a problem we know how to fix.  Talk to us about reviewing all of your insurance policies, especially any current whole life insurance policies.

Unneeded Life Insurance

Here’s another reason to have a life insurance policy review on a regular basis.  If you’re over 70 or older and you may have a life insurance policy you no longer need.  We may be able to sell it for a significantly higher amount than the cash value.  We’ll be happy to tell you more.  Just ask us.

Contact us to ask a question or arrange an appointment.

* Based upon a survivorship life insurance policy for two 60-year old non-smokers. Monthly payments to 100. Subject to medical approval and application process. Actual rates may vary depending upon your circumstances.