Our Philosophy

Every family is unique. Your life insurance plan should be too.

At Horowitz Management Brokers, we don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches.  We strive to understand the needs of each individual family and the stage of life they’re in.  Then we look for the intersection of the strongest companies and the lowest costs to meet those needs.

With many years of experience, our principal, Dick Horowitz, has a complete grasp of life insurance solutions. Our reputation and longevity have earned the respect and attention of insurers who appreciate our commitment to client advocacy and our clients’ dedication to healthy living. This track record allows us to negotiate with insurers, when theres a health issue, often resulting in deep discounts.

With Horowitz Management Brokers you can expect:

  • To be treated individually, with respect.
  • Clarity about exactly what it is your options are.
  • Strong advocacy on your behalf to ensure the best value.
  • Complete transparency throughout the process.

We view our guidance as a way to serve the community, a principle that has resonated with existing clients and our professional network.  We believe you’ll appreciate the care our team brings to the process and hope that you too will become one of the many lifelong customers that we enjoy an ongoing relationship with.